Why Trust

The Strange Team?

Read below to find out all the reasons you can trust us to go above and beyond to make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible, while taking the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

Our Mission

To provide an experience so great, it’s Strange.

Our Vision

To grow as people and professionals every day, aiming toward mastery in all aspects of our life. Through mastery, we can then pull people up from where they are currently.

Our Values

We are a family of professionals that make real estate fun while we work together to conquer our goals, and the goals of our clients.

Our Beliefs

We believe that we are whole people and we all have individual talents to share.  Not sharing is selfish. We believe in ourselves, and attract others who are also hungry, humble and not afraid to hustle.

Our Perspective

There is so much opportunity out there, and when we realize and expect it, then those opportunities become obvious. With this awareness we can then decide to take part in those opportunities.

Our Proposition

Not only is this our motto, but it is also our Unique Value Proposition; What’s important to you, is important to us. When we discover what is uniquely important to our team members, our clients, and their families, then that becomes our singular focus.

What Sets Us Apart From

The Other Agencies Out There?

We are one of Colorado’s Top Performing Teams as our agents create over 150 transactions annually.

We save our clients over $20,000 on average when they are purchasing their new home.

When selling our clients’ home, we make them $10,000 more on average than other agencies.

Our dedicated Transaction Coordinators are licensed Realtor’s.

Our dedicated Marketing Specialist advertises our listings on more than 6000 websites.

70% of our current business comes from previous clients.

We sell homes 57% faster than the average agent.

We are experts at negotiating for new home sales.

Our team is comprised of many specialists, ranging from transaction coordination, marketing, buying, selling, investing, rental procurement, financial guidance, credit repair, and so much more.

Let Us Show You How

Our Marketing Department

Blows The Competition Out Of The Water


We hire only the best home cleaners to perform deep thurough cleanings in order to prepare your home for photographs.  Let us help you make the biggest impression on the MLS as well as in person when potential clients stop by to view the property.


We’ve been in the business for over 18 years, and have a combined total experience surpassing 65 years of excellency. We have the inside scoop on reliable, trusted, and high quality vendors that can help get your property ready to be listed, or even help make your new home perfectly suited for you by the time you move in.


Is your home vacant? We can help it show better by utilizing an experienced staging consultant.  This could make all the difference for prospective buyers, by allowing them to imagine life in their potential new home.


Does your home have a few empty rooms?  Is this a vacant rental property that you want to look lived in when you list it? Do you want to show prospective buyers what the room may look like with an accent wall, newer windows, or a change in flooring?  Look no further.  We’ve got you covered.


The Strange Team uses only the most qualified professional and critically acclaimed photographers to provide unrivalved ground level photography with guaranteed blue skies and day and night photography. We can take as many photos as you would like and our on staff design department can touch-up any photo you request…  All without needing you to be home.


Using only the highest end drone photography equipment and with only licensed pilots, we can provide any aerial shot you’re looking for, from individual lots to an entire development and beyond. Do you have amazing mountain views? Lot’s of acreage?  We have you covered.


Slightly different than our aerial drone photography, we can take still images inside your development and make those luxury rooms with high ceilings more appealing than they already do.  Need a specific angle?  Our racing level drones can fit into the tightest of spots and provide one of a kind pohotographs you couldnt imagine until you see it with your own eyes.


Do you remember those iconic one-shot scenes in many award winning movies? We can bring that same concept to your home allowing any prospective buyer to imagine themselves walking through your property.  Using custom shots and camera magic, we can elevate your listing beyond all the others.


Are you developing a property or subdivision and want to show everyone how the sausage was made? We can provide that service, giving potential buyers an understanding of how their future investment was created.


Sometimes photos don’t clearly explain the layout of your home.  Let us create a digital floor plan for your home to show prospective buyers exactly what is where.


Sometimes buyers might have a schedule issue or disability that prevents them from viewing your property in person.  Enter the Matterport Tour… Allow us to make your home into a virtual 3d model allowing all potential buyers the opportunity to feel like they are there themselves.


What are your signage needs?  You may be able to answer this question quickly, however some communities have deep restrictions on advertising your home for sale.  Allow us to circumnavigate those obstacles and get you the highest visibility possible without causing any issues.


Every property we list gets its own slideshow showing all property photos combined with a soothing soundtrack.  Science and analytics have proven that any photo slideshow may expect as much as a 4 time increase in viewings.


The Strange Team uses real-time data analytics to evaluate the condition of your future sale, current sale, as well as keeping an eye on the interest in your property, as well as other important data.  This helps keep both our team, as well you and your loved ones, up to date with market trends, and allows us to adjust our strategy on the fly.


The Strange Team is not content to wait for buyers on your home to come to us.  We actively reach out people we know need a new place, and we have a strong record of providing buyers for our own sellers.


The Strange Team focuses on many aspects of marketing in order to reach the largest audience possible. Whether it be land, commercial, investment, horse properties, 1031 exchanges, etc… We have the right plan to fit your needs.


Our team reaches out to over 1000 people each day in order to find new homes, new buyers, and to get as much info as possible on our current market.  We are in touch with our local communities every single day.


We have an extensive team full of professionals that specialize in every department.  If you are a client in need of immediate service, we have your back.  Whether it be advice, vendor help for a home emergency, or any number of items, we will be there for you. 

This is just the tip of the iceburg. The Strange Team is always evaluating our strategies and adjusting them to fit the current market.  Reach out to one of our agents and learn even more about what Strange can do for you.

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