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“My experience was FANTASTIC. I am a first-time buyer and in a not-so-friendly market. This team was amazing at coordinating, explaining, and helping through the entire process. Nick and Tara helped me find a great place to live and gave me the best advice to make it happen. Tara was with me for multiple showings and was also great through remote communication. They made my purchase possible and helped me during and after sale. I highly recommend this team!”
Elizabeth E

Tara grew up in a rural town near Rockford, Illinois.  After her college days at the University of Dubuque in Iowa, she landed in Colorado and now calls it home.  Before settling in Broomfield Colorado, Tara has lived in Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Cherry Creek, Boulder, Aurora, Louisville and Thornton.  To say she knows the metro area is an understatement!  

Tara started her real estate career long before becoming a realtor.  She has always had a love for design.  Over the years she has worked with agents as a home  stager, owned a decorating business and still contracts as a paint color consultant.  She has always had some sort of real estate in her life.  

She enjoys getting to know her clients wants and needs.  She takes extra care in each client she works with, many have become great friends.  She loves educating the first time home buyers, as well as, finding the perfect family friendly homes, to making the final move an easy one for her elderly clientele.   

Tara is married and has two children and a chocolate lab.  She enjoys visiting her daughter at Texas Tech as well as listening to her son, an avid musician who plays the drums and guitar.  When she’s not surfing with her family behind their family boat, she is playing tennis.  


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