Tommy Thompson

Real Estate Expert | 303-859-1535

Tommy was born in Anaheim, California and raised in Chino, California. He grew up in a law enforcement family with both of his parents working as Deputies for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Tommy also played hockey his entire life and moved to Colorado when he was 16 to play for a local hockey team that would travel across the US and Canada playing some of the best teams in North America.

Tommy played hockey for the University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Tommy worked as an inside sales rep for a medical equipment company right out of college but would soon work in the oilfields as a coil operator . When Tommy married his wife in 2015, he left the oilfields and worked as police officer for the City of Louisville and then the City of Longmont. Tommy now has three young kids and decided to retire from law enforcement in 2021 and pursue his passion for real estate.


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