2021 Colorado Real Estate In Review

2021 Colorado Real Estate In Review

2021 Colorado Real Estate In Review

Curious to know how 2021 faired for the housing market in Colorado? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

– 2/3 of Coloradans owned and occupied a home by the end of 2021

– Only 2% of the homes on the market were vacant, with most homeowners needing to sell their current home before making a move

– Roughly 4% of all rental homes are vacant

– 2.25 million homes were occupied during 2021 with 1.5 million of those being owner occupied and 750,000 of those being rentals

– Over $10 Million worth of new building permits were issued

– Approximately 650 manufactured homes were created or shipped to Colorado

– The average home price increased by 18% overall, the biggest increase since 2000, which finished at 15%

– Average home price in the Denver Metro area finished at $615,000

– We finished up the year with just over 11,000 homes on the market, with approximately 8000 of those pending a sale, and 3000 of those waiting for an interested buyer

– Denver was the 5th hottest real estate market in the nation

– Average days on market was down to a record 20 days